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Mixed Media Projects

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our services to include video. Combining still and motion photography enhances your companies appeal to potential clients by adding your personal touch. In today's advertising environment companies need to be as interective as possible. Recognizing that, our goal is to give businesses large and small an affordable, contemporary, professional and consistent product.

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Tara Lowry and Rick McKee formed Imagine Images, Inc in 2001 in the Washington DC area. After working nationally for 3 years, they changed the name of the business to Lowry-McKee Photography-under Imagine Images Inc. The firm is equipped for and experienced in many forms of commercial photography-including architecture photography, portraiture, photography for editorial works, corporate photography, and wedding photojournalism. With a home base in historic Charleston, SC they are available for travel throughout the United States and internationally. Utilizing state of the art photography equipment, Rick McKee & Tara Lowry work efficiently and effectively producing high quality, innovative, professional images. They recognize that in today's marketing environments image is everything-making your business look extraordinary is their goal.
See Rick McKee's current gallery showing of Grandure Preserved at the Charleston Nathiel Russell House . To order Fine Art images visit us at Grandure Preserved
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